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First 328 Units SAIC Maxus E-Deliver Vehicles Set Sail to Norway

Date:2020-06-08 Author:Linda Source:SHINE

Shanghai-based automaker SAIC Maxus is aiming to become the largest brand of electric light commercial vehicles in Northern Europe.

SAIC Maxus, a brand of the SAIC Group, said it had received pre-sales orders for its electric light commercial vehicle, the e-Deliver 3, with close to 700 units sold in Northern Europe.

On June 7, the first batch of 328 e-Deliver 3 vehicles set sail from the Shanghai Haitong International Automotive Terminal to Norway.

The 328 cars were the first batch of orders from SAIC Maxus to Europe, and there will be more retail orders to Europe in future.

Small and micro private business owners in Norway are the main buyers of the e-Deliver 3 model. The car model can meet the needs of corporate logistics, transportation, and delivery of goods, and provide advanced technology experience.

In response to the logistics industry's demand for cargo space, the internal width of the e-Deliver 3 is 1.706 meters, which expands the loading volume by 5 percent. The maximum cargo space reaches 6.3 cubic meters, which is the largest cargo space in its class.

In terms of battery life, the driving range of the vehicle is 400 kilometers. Fast charging can reach a range of 100 kilometers in 15 minutes, and it can charge up to 80 percent in 45 minutes.

SAIC Maxus said it aims to become a leading electric vehicle brand in Norway and Northern Europe. The EV80 is also the preferred zero emission distribution vehicle for the Norwegian postal service.

SAIC Maxus said it is the first Chinese car brand to enter the electric small and medium light commercial vehicle segment in the European market.

This demonstrates the car brand's global strategic layout for new-energy vehicles, and confirms that Chinese auto brands have been recognized by the overseas market, the company said.

SAIC Maxus plans to launch more than 20 new-energy models by 2025. The European market is an important market for the car brand in its globalization strategy. This year, the company plans to continue to expand its product line-up in the European market with new vehicles such as the EV90 and EUNIQ5.


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