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Hanma Tech to Stop Production of Traditional Fuel Vehicles by 2025


CHINA--Hanma Technology recently announced that the company will stop the production of traditional combustion-powered vehicles as of December 2025. This announcement made it become the third company to stop producing conventional fuel vehicles, following BYD and Great Wall Motor.

From 2025 onwards, the company will focus on the development and production of all-electric, methanol-powered, hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

As a traditional commercial vehicle brand, Hanma Technology has a history of more than 50 years and is one of the first manufacturers in China to enter the new energy heavy-duty truck businesses.

According to public reports, Hanma Technology has launched a global research on the outlook of the new energy heavy truck industry as early as 2013. After years of efforts, Hanma Tech has mastered the technologies required for the long-term development of new energy heavy trucks based on its previous experience with traditional heavy truck business. In 2017, Hanma Technology obtained the production qualification of pure electric heavy truck and completed the high-intensity military industry testing of electric heavy truck. In 2018, it designed and developed the first new energy heavy-duty truck. In 2019, Hanma Tech launched China's first battery-swapping tractor head and achieved “zero” breakthroughs in major technologies.

To date, Hanma's electric heavy trucks have been put into commercial operation in large quantities in a variety of use cases nationwide.

In May, sales of new energy heavy-duty trucks in China rose by 383% year-on-year to 1,825 units. And in the first five months, cumulative sales of new energy heavy trucks in China reached 7,677 units. Among them, Hanma sold 913 units, up 205% year-on-year, and came in the third place following XCMG and SANY with a market share of 11.89%.

From January to May this year, Hanma's sales of new energy vehicles amounted to 1,177 units, representing about 41.23% of the company's total sales. During the same period, its sales of traditional fuel vehicles were 1678 units, accounting for 58.77% of the company's total sales. The result shows that the NEV sales of Hanma Technology have been growing steadily. 


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