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Yuchai Ignites China’s Largest and Most Powerful Hydrogen-fueled Engine

Date:2022-07-14 Author:Linda Source:www.nougun.com

CHINA -- On June 30, Yuchai YCK16H hydrogen-fueled engine was successfully ignited in Yulin, Guangxi. With a displacement of 15.93 liters and a maximum horsepower of 560 horsepower, YCK16H is the largest and most powerful hydrogen internal combustion heavy-duty engine being launched in China. The successful ignition of Yuchai YCK16H marks another major step forward for Yuchai in the zero-carbon energy power system segment.

China's very first hydrogen engine was also developed by Yuchai. The YCK05H, designed for city buses, municipal administration, sanitation, and logistics markets, was first launched in December 2021, after which Yuchai started development of the YCK16H, specifically for heavy-duty commercial vehicles. This will also make Yuchai the first Chinese company to develop hydrogen engines for both light and heavy-duty trucks.

This platform is designed with high adaptability for fuel purity, allowing the engines to run on different hydrogen fuels, such as grey hydrogen, green hydrogen and methanol hydrogen. The fuel supply can be freely combined according to the user's needs and the basic conditions of fuel production, storage and transport, making it an adaptable, flexible and controllable zero/low carbon energy solution.

Unlike its counterparts on the market, the YCK16H is smaller and lighter, but produces more horsepower and can be used in a wide range of heavy commercial vehicles, such as 49T semi-trailers and distributed energy resource applications.

The engine is equipped with dual-channel turbocharging technology, which allows for both homogeneous and stratified in-cylinder mixing, enabling higher power and greater thermal efficiency.

The YCK16H is equipped with an intelligent control system and a highly efficient air management system, which enables two combustion modes: equivalent ratio combustion and lean combustion, and can adjust the injection fuel pressure and intake volume according to different fuels, so that different fuels can be used efficiently.

The use of ammonia is also supported by exhaust gas recirculation, which prevents combustion difficulties and uncontrolled spontaneous combustion in ammonia engines. The advantages of methanol and ammonia over hydrogen are lower preparation costs, easier storage, lower environmental impact and wider applicability.

The first engine to be developed on the basis of hydrogen power platform is the YCK15N. The gas-powered engine has already passed static laboratory and on-road tests and will enter production by the end of 2022.


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