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JAC Achieved a Great Result in 2021

Date:2022-02-16 Author:Sarah Source:www.nougun.com

According to the bulletin of Production and Sales of JAC Group in 2021: the total sales volume was 524,000 units in 2021 with the YOY growth of 15.6%, exceeding the annual sales target of JAC group.

Passenger Vehicles

In the field of passenger vehicle, the total sales volume reached 253,000 units in 2021 with the YOY growth of 62.3%; and the total sales volume of the pure electric passenger vehicles was 134,000 units with the YOY growth of 169.1%.

Commercial Vehicles

In the field of commercial vehicle, the total sales volume reached 272,000 units. Among them, annual sales of multifunctional commercial vehicles increased by 20% year-on-year.


In the field of export, the total sales was 74,000 units with the YOY growth of 100.4% from Jan. to Dec. Operating revenue reached 7.8 billion Yuan, YOY growth of 103%, and both sales volume and revenue reached the best level in history.

The export of high-end light trucks continued to be the first in the Chinese auto industry; the export of pickup ranked among the top 3 brands in China and has grown into a mainstream brand of pickup in China; electric passenger vehicles have now entered more than 20 countries around the world, with a cumulative export of nearly 2,000 vehicles,and it has been exported to high-end European markets such as Italy and Switzerland in batches, and has also been widely praised by local group users in Mexico and Israel; electric light trucks have won the favor of 15 "Global 500" companies such as DHL, Pepsi, and Carrefour in Brazil.

At the same time, JAC Group actively responded to the “The Belt and Road” initiative and continued to expand the markets of countries along the route. In recent years, JAC Group's exports have covered nearly 100 countries along "The Belt and Road", and the export volume accounts for about 80% of JAC Group's total exports. Among the 19 overseas KD factories of JAC Group, 15 are located along "The Belt and Road".

JAC Group has been deeply involved in the layout of Kazakhstan's auto industry and has made positive contributions to the promotion of industrial cooperation between the China and Kazakhstan. By the end of 2021, JAC Group has successfully exported 17,000 units vehicles to Kazakhstan, including more than 10,000 units of passenger vehicles, becoming the 1st passenger vehicles brand exported to Kazakhstan from China. JAC Group's Kazakhstan project has become a model of China's "The Belt and Road" capacity cooperation.

In the future, JAC Group will continue to adhere to the user-centered development concept, continuously optimize the product structure, improve the level of intelligent technology, and bring a better car life to global users.

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