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A Total of 52000 SAIC MAXUS Vehicles Were Sold in January-April

Date:2022-05-12 Author:Daisy Source:www.nougun.com

SAIC MAXUS released its report on production and sales in May, showing that 52000 vehicles were sold during January to April. Of the cumulative sales, 20,000 units were wide-body light passenger car, especially the MAXUS EV30, with sales up 28% year-on-year.

52000 SAIC MAXUS Vehicles Were Sold in January-April

MAXUS’ sales in overseas markets almost doubled, especially in the Middle East and Europe, where the year-on-year growth both exceeded 200%, setting a new record high.

SAIC MAXUS Pickup trucks are gaining popularity in South America from a wider customer base due to its super spacious, comfortable ride and off-road performance. In the first three weeks of April, SAIC MAXUS overtake Japanese, Korean and American brands as No.1 with a dominant 18.5 percent share in South America.

In the South American market, SAIC MAXUS became an official sponsor of the Chile Rally 2022 held in April. Its T90 participated in the Chile Rally as supply trucks with legendary driver Francisco Lopez. SAIC MAXUS T60, along with EV90 and EV30, was presented at the Uruguay Agricultural Show and received "real-name" praise from Uruguayan President Luis Lacalle Pou for the outstanding performance.

52000 SAIC MAXUS Vehicles Were Sold in January-April

In Q1, 2022, SAIC Maxus ranked as top ten best-selling auto brands in Chile and its MAXUS T60 ranked the fourth in the list of best-selling automobiles in the Chilean market.

In the Middle East, pickup trucks are quite popular and MAXUS T60 ranked fourth in the Saudi market segment in the first quarter, making it the best-selling Chinese-branded pickup truck in the region.

In Australia, its G10, G10 PLUS and other models are also very popular because of their complete configuration and comfortable riding experience. During January to March period, they ranked the second place in its segment with 14.70% market share. The EV90, in particular, came to the top of the sales list in the LARGE VAN segment in Australia.

In New Zealand, MAXUS V90, EV90, V80, G10 and other VAN models have held combined market share of 29.4%, ranking second in both monthly and Q1 performance. In other words, one out of every 3 VANs sold in the New Zealand were SAIC Maxus.

In the Australia and New Zealand market, SAIC DATONG MAXUS T90 EV pickup received an intentional purchase order from the New Zealand Ministry of Transport in April before it was launched, and it will become the iteration of New Zealand's official vehicle. T90 EV is expected to be officially launched in Australia and New Zealand by the end of the year, which had received intention orders for more than 200 units in just 2 days when it first debuted in New Zealand in February.

In the European market, SAIC MAXUS VANs have been the vehicles that logistics giants rushed to buy. Its EV90 EV90 hits the highest segment market share of 46.8% in the first quarter in Norway. In the European market, SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 6, a new energy SUV with five seats, is highly recognized and has been praised by the third largest newspaper in Finland, Evening News, Norway BIL & MOTOR and other European professional media, saying it offers rich configurations in safety and intelligent assist driving, large space, strong power.

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