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Sales of New Energy Dumpers Rise by 325.9% in April of 2022


In April, 2022, New energy truck sales in China are up by 325.9% to 230 units from 54 units a year earlier. On a year-to-date basis, new energy dumper sales rose by 482.4% to 1520 units from 261 units the previous year.

Electric trucks still dominates the market, leading to an increase in overall new energy dumper market.

Sales of New Energy Dumpers in April and Jan.-April

Seen from the current sales structure of New Energy dumper in April and Jan. to April

Electric tipper sales grew by 1592.3% in April and 969.8% in Jan.-April, which is much better than the overall new energy tippers, which achieved a 325.9% growth and 482.4% respectively.

Electric dumpers are now the most dominant segment, accounting for 95.65% and 97.8% of the total sales in April and Jan. to April.

Top Ten Players for New Energy Dumpers in April and Jan. to April

Yutong held the leadership position, with sales of 462 units and 30.39% share. The second place was occupied by XCMG among the new energy dumper market with 366 sales (share 24.1%). SANY took the third place with 154 new energy dumpers sold (share 10.13%). The fourth place went to HANMA with a share of 7.5% and sales of 114 units. Beiben took the fifth position with 102 new energy dumpers sold (share 6.7%). The cumulative sales of other players excluding TOP5 are below 100 units, accounting for less than 6% of the total.

Sales volume of new energy dumpers in a single month (April) in 2022:

87 units of Beiben new energy dumpers were sold in April, which represents 37.83% of the market share and ranking it among the first position. The second place was occupied by SANY Group, which sold 36 units of new energy dumpers (share 15.65%). The third place was taken by Yutong with sales of 28 units and share of 12.17%. The fourth place in its class was held by FAW, the sales result of which was 20 units (share 8.7%). SAIC Hongyan has the fifth position, it sold 17 new energy dumpers (share 7.39%). The sixth position went to HANMA, which sold 11 new energy dumpers (share 4.78%). The share of the rest brands was below 4%, with each one sold less than 10 units.

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