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SAIC MAXUS Sold a Total of 12,557 Vehicles in May

Date:2022-06-08 Author:Sarah Source:www.nougun.com

According to China Passenger Car Association, China's new car sales saw a drop of 19% in May and about 80% of automobile manufacturers has experienced a double-digit YoY decline in May. However, SAIC MAXUS reported a total of 12,557 vehicle sales in May against the background of an unfavorable context.

In fact, SAIC MAXUS has clearly proposed the development blueprint for ALL3 ROADMAP as early as 2015, and planned and launched the all-energy development route ranging from full electric, hybrid to hydrogen fuel cell. The newly launched MPV MIFA 9 fills the gap that SAIC MAXUS has no new energy model in the new energy, particular in the EV market. With the unique features like extreme elegance, smart and friendliness, MAXUS MIFA 9 has successfully drawn the attention of many users since the pre-sale launches.

MIFA 9 was reported to have been delivered to the first customer on May 9 and made its public debut in Europe at the end of May as the first high-end full electric MPV to get out of China. Its full range of products will be available in June to create an emotionally intelligent mobility experience for customers.

SAIC MAXUS not only made a significant breakthrough in new energy MPV, but also set a new industry standard in the arena of conventional fuel MPV by launching MPV G90.

As the new product launches, along with G20 PLUS, G50 PLUS, MPV G10, it will spark an increase in sales. In May, SAIC MAXUS launched “Traveler RVLIFE Camping Edition”, aiming to provide a new way for young people to travel. SAIC MAXUS has maintained a leading position in the caravans segment: In the first four month of 2022, SAIC MAXUS took the first place in market share in the original plant caravans segment, held 18% market share in the original wide-body light passenger B-type RV.

In May, SAIC MAXUS continued to lead the market in wide-body light passenger car with a sales volume of 4,646 units and a wide variety of products, including V80, V80 PLUS and V90.

For many years, going global has been the goal and direction in which Chinese automobile are headed. Not only in the domestic market, but also in the overseas markets SAIC MAXUS has witnessed a robust growth. With its business spreading to 51 countries and regions, SAIC MAXUS reported a total of 5,080 exports in May alone and 26,000 units (a sharp increase of nearly 100% YOY) in January to May in overseas market.

While the global new energy vehicle market was growing rapidly, SAIC MAXUS seized the opportunity to move into the overseas markets where the demand for electric MPVs and pickup trucks are relatively high. At the Birmingham Motor Show in May, SAIC MAXUS MIFA 9, "the world's first full-size smart luxury full electric MPV", was unveiled. This is the first public debut MAXUS MIFA 9 made in the world’s most developed market as a flagship MPV. SAIC MAXUS has thus become the first Chinese brand to launch a full electric high-end MPV in Europe. MAXUS T90 EV, which was unveiled at the Birmingham Motor Show together with MAXUS MIFA 9, also became the first Chinese full electric pickup to enter in the European market. Shortly before that, T90 EV has been highly recognized after the Minister of transport of New Zealand finished the test drive, and received an intentional purchase order from the New Zealand Ministry of transport to be used as an official vehicle.

In South America, SAIC MAXUS new energy vehicles are also extensively praised. In late May, SAIC MAXUS exported 204 units of EV30 to South America, the largest single order and also received an order from Mercado Libre, the largest local e-commerce platform and delivered it in the same month.

As SAIC MAXUS gets more and more favor from customers, its market share increases further. In Chile, where the pickup market is highly competitive, SAIC MAXUS overtook Japanese, European and American brands with a 21.7%% share in April as the No. 1 in the pickup segment. In Australia, its G10, G10 PLUS ranked the second place in the market segment with a market share of 14.57% in the first four months. In New Zealand, MAXUS VAN made up 28.1% of the market share and ranked the second in the VAN segment. SAIC MAXUS is gradually becoming a leader in the overseas new energy, VAN, pickup truck and other segments and a representative brand of "Chinese auto brands going global".

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